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Urethane Concrete


Urethanes come in many varieties; like epoxies they are water based, solids, or solvent based materials. Most urethane coatings are high gloss and retain their gloss very well over time. Most urethanes are light stable and are suitable as warehouse coatings, airplane hangar floors, or as topcoats on epoxy floors to resist ware and heat. The newest urethanes on the market are called UERTHANE CONCRETES; these products are installed as thick overlay materials suitable for almost any environment, but mostly used in the Food Production environment. It is a Green Product and will withstand very high temperatures and constant saturation in liquids.

Urethane coatings are typically water based or solvent based and will resist abrasion well and retain their finish better than epoxies. Urethanes are typically more expensive but are installed much thinner, resulting in a similar installation cost.

Urethane Concrete products were developed in Europe for the food production industry and have found their way to the United States. These products are commonly used in Breweries, Bottling Plants, Cage Wash areas, and Commercial Kitchens. In many ways, Urethane Concrete has replaced Epoxy in many applications due to its resistance to high temperatures, impact, and moisture.

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