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DecoCrete installed flooring in the industrial arena in Paper Mills, Steele Production facilities and many other manufacturing plants than need secondary containment, abrasion protection for their concrete, and decorative coatings in restrooms and offices. Many of our products will hold up to high temperatures and excessive abuse

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Medical research makes up a large percentage of the work performed by DecoCrete, Inc. Many facilities utilized fiber reinforced wall materials and flooring systems to make clean rooms impervious to outside contamination and areas are easy to sanitize. Schools utilize DecoCrete, Inc. for stained and polished concrete, as well as epoxy flake and quartz flooring in locker rooms, cafeterias and concession stands.

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Much of the work performed by DecoCrete, Inc. is Commercial. Many commercial kitchens need seamless slip resistant flooring for health and safety reasons. Commercial buildout projects use stains and polished concrete as decretive finishes because they are design friendly and they are easy to maintain.