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Epoxy is a versatile polymer product that encompasses a wide variety of adhesives. These adhesives are used to create many different flooring systems to serve the needs of various customers. Epoxy can be used to protect concrete, repair damaged floors, or add a decorative finish to a high traffic area.

These versatile products can be used alone as a Coating, or with a variety of color additives such as paint chips, or color quartz for decorative effects. Decorative additives also add slip resistance and thickness. These products can vary from thin mil coatings to 3/8" trowel finishes and have a variety of chemical resistance based on the chemistry of the product.


Epoxies can also be used for grouting or sloping a floor to drain. DecoCrete specialized in sloping floors to drain in wash down areas, commercial kitchen and research facilities. Epoxy grout can be installed quickly without slowing the process of installing the finish products.

Coatings can be applied by airless sprayers or squeegee/roller application depending on the specified application technique. Coatings are designed to protect concrete from stains, penetration, and dusting. These products are most commonly found in automobile dealerships, garages, warehouses, mechanical rooms, and storage areas. Many coatings can be installed to protect against high acid, base, or solvent spillage, and slip-resistant additive can be added to areas where safety is a priority.

Color Quartz Flooring can be installed in several different manners. Trowel grade quartz can be hand or machine troweled to achieve a 3/16" to ΒΌ" consistence quartz finish. More commonly, Broadcast grade quartz can be installed as a system itself or on an epoxy mortar base to achieve a decorative slip-resistant finish. Locker rooms, commercial kitchens, natatoriums, rest rooms, high traffic corridors, animal research facilities, and pharmaceutical facilities can all benefit from Color Quartz Flooring; however, this flooring is not limited to these facilities. Color Quartz Flooring also gives the customer a unique ability to develop a Custom Color Scheme. Proprietary Color

Concepts are helpful in assuring the Professional integrity of future repairs.

Color Flake is much like Color Quartz. It is broadcast into clear epoxies to achieve a unique slip-resistant decorative finish and can be used in the same areas as Color Quartz.

All of the epoxy systems can be installed with integrated radius cove base finished with the same finish as the floor. This base will provide a watertight integrated system for wash down, and easy maintenance. Cove base is mortar applied therefore customizing radius, and finish details is seamless.