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Professional Flooring Solutions For Every Floor

Decorative Concrete

Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete hit the major markets less than a decade ago and is here to stay, however it has evolved into many different applications and products. DecoCrete, Inc. stays involved in learning all of the new applications and products in this fast changing industry. Most of the products first on the market were acid based stains, and while these stains still give the most varied and modeled finishes, water based and solvent based dyes and stains are now available for a wide range of colors and finishes. DecoCrete, Inc. can also design and install custom logos and decorative patterns in multi color designs.


Polished Concrete


Polished Concrete is the newest technology that DecoCrete, Inc. has invested in. It combines the natural look of stained concretes with the polished sheen of marble of granite. It uses the natural variations in concrete and its aggregates to achieve a unique finish that is highly durable and resists scratching and ware. The polishing industry is the future of decorative concrete floors and can be installed on new or old concrete utilizing diamond polishing machines and silicate hardeners to achieve a high sheen finished with or without the addition of colors or custom patterns.

Stamped Overlay

Any pattern or texture can be stamped into a 3/8” overlay, making the process great for remodel projects and projects where matching elevations is important.  This process can be used in new construction to keep the surface from getting damaged during the construction process (the installation can take place during the finish out process).

Other Concrete Toppings:

There are many other new products that include epoxies and other resins; many concrete modified products that can leave a sub-standard slab looking like new concrete.  If a specific look is desired, DecoCrete can source a product and installation procedure to meet your needs.