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Acid Stain

Acid Stained Concrete hit the major markets less than a decade ago and is here to stay, however it has evolved into many different types applications and products. DecoCrete, Inc. stays involved in learning all of the new application techniques and products that are available in this fast changing industry. Most of the products first on the market were acid based stains, and while these stains still give the most varied and modeled finishes, water based and solvent based dyes and stains are now available for a wide range of colors and finishes. DecoCrete, Inc. can also design and install custom logos and decorative patterns in multi-color designs.  Because of their popularity, many new products available in resinous form look like stains but are more resilient and much faster to install; even though there is a place for every product, no other product gives as organic look as a true acid stain application.  It is important to realize that during any organic process, the colors and patterns are created through environmental conditions and cannot be accurately predicted or replicated; that is one of the most loved and hated quality of this product application.